The transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has entered a crucial period
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The transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has entered a crucial period

2020-04-22 16:12

Machinery industry is the entry point of industrial revolution and the commanding point of national competitiveness. "The development of machinery industry is related to the development of all sectors of the national economy, related to the national economy and people's livelihood and national defense force, is the cornerstone of the national economy. From October 12th to 13th, the national machinery industry transformation and upgrading promotion conference was held in nanan city, quanzhou city, fujian province. Xin guobin, vice minister of the ministry of industry and information technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
The national machinery industry transformation and upgrading promotion conference will be hosted by China national machinery industry federation. Meeting around the implementation of the "made in China 2025", state on increasing benefits to promote transformation of mechanical industrial structure guidelines "(hereinafter referred to as the state document no. 55) and industry development outline" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "deployment requirements, summarizes the work, the exchange experience, analysis of the situation, a clear mission, further promote the transformation and upgrading, speed up the implementation of mechanical industry by the big teams.
Promote the transformation of the industry from quantity expansion to quality improvementIn his speech, vice minister xin guobin introduced China's current industrial economic situation and the policies of the state and the ministry of industry and information technology on the development of the real economy and the equipment manufacturing industry, gave full recognition to the achievements made by the machinery industry and the China federation of industry and information technology in promoting transformation and upgrading, and put forward hopes and Suggestions for the next step.
Xin guobin pointed out that in recent years, China's machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in improving the quality and efficiency, transforming and upgrading, and the scale of the industry keeps expanding. In 2016, the main business revenue reached 24.55 trillion yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the global total. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and the self-sufficiency rate of mechanical products in the domestic market has exceeded 85%. The industrial foundation has been steadily consolidated, and important progress has been made in key materials and core components. The technological innovation capacity has been constantly enhanced, and the research and development of high-end equipment such as large power generation and ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation has made remarkable achievements. The development quality has been continuously improved, and the average sampling pass rate of products has exceeded 90%. The quality of enterprises has been continuously improved, and the management level of r & d, design, manufacturing and after-sales service has been significantly improved. International competitiveness has been continuously improved, and the export volume of complete sets of major technological equipment such as high-speed railway and electric power equipment has been continuously expanded. However, in general, China's machinery industry is still faced with such problems as insufficient self-sufficiency in key equipment, imperfect innovation system, and homogeneous competition of traditional products.
Xin guobin stressed that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is in the making, and the development of the machinery industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. It is necessary to actively explore new methods, new models and new ways to maintain and improve the market position of China's machinery industry. We should fully implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's directive on revitalizing the manufacturing sector, follow the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and make great efforts to promote the strategic transformation of the machinery industry from quantity expansion to quality improvement in accordance with the strategic deployment of made in China 2025. First, we will continue to pursue innovation-driven development, vigorously build an innovation center in the manufacturing sector, step up efforts to tackle key problems in key areas, make breakthroughs in a number of key technologies and equipment, explore new forms of business, and lead the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry. Second, adhere to the integration and coordinated development, promote the accelerated integration of the machinery industry and the Internet, strengthen the synergy between the upstream and downstream industrial chains, strengthen the coordination between the supply side and the demand side, promote the regional coordination layout, and systematically promote the progress of the industry by points, aspects and systems. Third, we should adhere to green and low-carbon development, enhance energy conservation and consumption reduction, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and promote the coexistence of industrial civilization and ecological civilization. Fourth, we should stick to the principle of opening up and cooperation, benchmarking international advanced technologies, improving product quality, continuously promoting "going global" and enhancing the international reputation of "made in China". Fifth, we should continue to share development, promote the benefits of reform and innovation to enterprises and the people, further deepen the reform of "delegating supervision, regulation and service", protect the initiative of market players for innovation, vigorously promote the spirit of artisans, and raise the social status of highly skilled people.
There is still a big gap between China and the goal of manufacturing powerMachine in the union President rui-xiang wang made at the meeting entitled "innovation, quality upgrading, in order to implement the machinery industry from large to strong unremitting efforts," the theme of report, comprehensive summary of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in machinery industry since the implementation of" made in China 2025 ", state no. 55 files and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning's main work, the positive results. He pointed out that since the beginning of the "13th five-year plan", the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has made achievements such as stable economic operation and good progress, constantly enhanced scientific and technological innovation capacity, smooth progress in industrial structure optimization, steady acceleration of "going global", substantial improvement of quality and brand strength, and preliminary formation of work system. However, compared with the industrial developed countries, compared with the goal of manufacturing power, there is still a large gap, mainly large but not strong.
Wang ruixiang pointed out that an important symbol of transformation and upgrading is that the industrial structure is optimized, the industrial layout is more reasonable and the industrial development is more orderly. We must resolve to promote the exit of excess capacity and backward production capacity and the exit of "zombie enterprises" by promoting enterprise mergers and reorganizations, eliminating standards for lagging aging, and strengthening self-discipline in the industry. We should strengthen guidance and guidance for the layout of the machinery industry, regional economy and industrial clusters, promote scientific and rational planning, standardize and orderly implementation, and coordinate and balanced development. We will vigorously promote the in-depth integration of the two industries and the innovation of the "manufacturing + Internet" model, promote innovation in technology, design, technology, management and business models, promote the popularization and application of typical cases such as digital workshops and smart factories, promote the improvement of automation and intelligence of enterprises, and constantly increase high-end supply.
We need to accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services, support leading enterprises, expand typical publicity, and provide consulting services so as to encourage more enterprises to take actions to improve their industrial chains and value chains. We will support the development of emerging industries such as robotics, strengthen policy guidance, and do a good job in basic work such as standard setting and data statistics, so as to create a standardized market environment and accelerate the realization of new drivers of development. We should fully rely on favorable policies such as "One Belt And One Road", organize and participate in the revision of international standards, and provide assistance for enterprises to carry out international cooperation on production capacity and equipment manufacturing.
Wang ruixiang stressed that currently, China's building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects has entered the decisive stage, and the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has reached the crucial stage of a desperate battle. We must strengthen our confidence, forge ahead, and make new contributions to improving the quality and upgrading of the machinery industry and realizing the transformation from big to strong at an early date.
Chen bin, executive vice President of cmiac, made a special report on "economic operation situation of machinery industry in 2017" at the meeting. During the meeting, the 2017 national machinery industry association work forum was held, and the survey report on the implementation of the strategy to promote transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry was published. The delegates visited jiatai CNC, success machine tool, chenghui international, deling machinery and other related enterprises in quanzhou, fujian.

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