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Machinery manufacturing: opportunities for equipment manufacturing enterprises

Machinery industry: unwound terminal demand. Machinery industry in the first half of 2017 cycle recovery earnings improved but the overall remains weak, valuation is still high. Macroeconomic margins weaken, the start of the zhugra cycle full of uncertainty. Looking forward to the fourth quarter, we still need to focus on the downstream fine molecule industry which is in the tuyere of capacity expansion cycle, and grasp the fine molecule industry where the industry fundamentals hit bottom and rise in 2018.

Are you scared of Chinese competition from German machinery makers?

Machinery has long been a source of pride in Germany, but now germans are worried as China, especially in construction, catches up. Some say pressure is building on German machinery makers in China. Faced with the fact that China's construction machinery companies are growing, are germans really afraid?

The transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has entered a crucial period

Machinery industry is the entry point of industrial revolution and the commanding point of national competitiveness. "The development of machinery industry is related to the development of all sectors of the national economy, related to the national economy and people's livelihood and national defense force, is the cornerstone of the national economy. From October 12th to 13th, the national machinery industry transformation and upgrading promotion conference was held in nanan city, quanzhou city, fujian province.
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